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Spring Fling Contest

By Deb Buschman 150 words

I find a stick and peel the bark.

Nice and smooth the perfect start.

A piece of string that’s strong and true.

Now for a hook, this clip will do.

A bucket, a net and camera in hand.

Up the stairs I go.

What will I land?

I wait and wait and wait some more.

Peer over the port side, where’s the shore?

I’ve drifted far and make a wish.

Oh please, oh please let me catch a fish.

A wiggle.

A jerk.

A pull.


I tug and tug and tug then…


I grab more bait.

I can’t give up.

I just need a little luck.

I cast it far and let it bob.

I feel it tighten.

I won’t be robbed.

I reel it slow.

It’s a big one, I know.



It flops on the deck.

I take a picture, then…

throw it back.

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Ciara O'Neal
Ciara O'Neal
25 Απρ 2021

Yay! Perseverance is key!

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Deb Buschman
Deb Buschman
27 Απρ 2021
Απάντηση σε

Thanks Ciara for reading and visiting my blog.

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09 Απρ 2021

Aww this is so creative and sweet thanks for sharing for the spring fling Kidlit contest

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