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Opportunities for Picture Book Writers and Writer/Illustrators

If you want to get yourself out there and have a chance to hone your craft you need to enter contests and follow some of these awesome bloggers.

@BrianGehrlein-#PBSpotlight, #PBCritiqueFest-You can still enter till the end of October.

@KaitlynLeann17- Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez is a writer and agent with #FallWritingFrenzy numerous opportunities to win books.

@PewKailei-Kailei Pew puts out all kinds of contest on twitter and has a great blog. Her Covid Critique contest last spring is how I found an agent.

@MindyAlysseWeiss has #Critiquetrain opportunities on twitter and is another great resource.

Susanna Leonard Hill has an awesome blog and fun writing contests. The 10th Annual Halloweensie Contest is going on now. It's a great way to challenge yourself.

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