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Itchy Skritchy Halloween-10th annual Halloweensie contest

90 words


Itchy Skritchy Halloween

By Deb Buschman

Hildie was trying to get Stanley dressed for Halloween

“Skeleton?” asked Hildie.

“No. Itchy skritchy on back,” said Stanley.

“Masked Monster?”

“Nooo! Itchy skritchy on face!”


“Nooo! Itchy skritchy on legs!”


“Nooo! Itchy skritchy ALL overs!”

“No costume, no treats,” said Hildie.

Stanley slumped.

Hildie harumphed.

Stanley crept beneath his blankie, “No tweats?” he whispered.

Hildie’s heart broke. She had to find Stanley something soft.

“That’s it!” she shouted.

Hildie wrapped, twisted and pinned Stanley’s blanket.

“You’re a mummy.”

Stanley smiled and said…

“No itchy sckritchies. Tanks Hildie.”

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1 Comment

Monica Lauscher
Monica Lauscher
Nov 02, 2020

Love it!

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