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PUPPY LOVE-6th Annual Valentiny Contest


By Deb Buschman

Look at her.

Shiny coat.

Fluffy tail.

Perky ears.

See her canines glisten as she snatches the ball from the sky.

I wish she would give me a sniff.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Maybe I can win her love today!

Should I give her my favorite chew toy?

No, too mushy.

Maybe I could give her flowers?

Oops, looks like I nibbled a few.

What about my best bone?

If only I could remember where it’s buried.

She might notice me if I had a fancy collar like Clyde.

Nope, too fancy.

I know. A heart-shaped box of bacon bits.

Wait! Stop! Down, you crazy pups! Those are for

Grrrrr, now she’ll never be my valentine.

I can’t even protect a box of bacon bits.

Look how Clyde licks and paws her.

What am I a scaredy-cat?

No, I’m a b-b-brave dog.

I must show her how I feel.

Watch me leap. Watch me chase my tail. Watch me…ooomph! Didn’t see that tree.


Oh no, she’s coming this way.

Woof-woof. George are you okay?

You know my name?

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Of course, George, I think you’re cute.

Now’s my chance.

Verrr-onica will you be my va-va-valentine?

Lick, lick, lick.

AAArrrr-OOOOOOOO! Veronica’s my valentine!

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