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I'll Never Leaf You

by Deb Buschman

Image 8 (boy in leaves) 200 words

Fall Frenzy Contest

Aiden loved Buddy.

Buddy loved Aiden.

Aiden only saw Buddy on school breaks.

It was fall break. Aiden could hardly wait to see Buddy.

He leapt from the car, kissed Dad good-bye and threw himself into Buddy’s arms. She twirled and laughed.

“Buddy, what are we doing today?”

“We have a whole week for pumpkins, cows, goats, apples and books.”

“Pumpkins first,” shouted Aiden.

They ran to the patch.

“This one,” said Aiden.

They scooped, cut and squished out all the best seeds for roasting.

“I wish pumpkins didn’t have icky guts,” said Aiden.

“Me too,” said Buddy and plopped guts on her head.

“Look at me,” Aiden put guts on his chin.

The week sped by.

They picked apples and dipped them in caramel, well most of them.

Then read books and chased the goats who ate them.

On the last day Aiden plopped down in a huge pile of leaves. “I love you Buddy,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” Buddy whispered back.

“I don’t want to leaf you” said Aiden.

“Did you say, leaf me?”

Buddy covered Aiden with leaves. He giggled, popped from the pile and shouted, “I’ll never leaf you!”

"I'll never leaf you, too."

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